COTA sets out policy priorities for next Government

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COTA Australia has released its policy recommendations for the next Federal Parliament ahead of the May 21 election.

In its agenda, available to view online, COTA set out the following five priorities that the next Government should tackle for older Australians:

  1. Addressing ageism and age discrimination
  2. Preventing elder abuse
  3. Transforming aged care
  4. Creating a better retirement income policy
  5. Setting out a whole-of-government ageing strategy

According to Chief Executive Ian Yates AM (pictured), this agenda will give the next Government and Parliament the opportunity to improve the lives of older Australians.

“We are not apportioning blame for the past. Both major parties have things to be proud of, and failings, but our focus is on what can be achieved in the next three years.

“That’s what matters to older people, and indeed their families, which is really all Australians,” he said.

The agenda features 37 recommendations covering 12 policy areas.