COVID-19 cases continue to fall in aged care homes as deaths at Mercy in Albury climb to nine

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Latest data from the Commonwealth Department of Health reveals that the number of COVID-19 infections in Australian aged care homes has fallen for the second successive week.

As at 8am on 5 November, there were 460 active cases of COVID-19 related to aged care across 53 residential aged care homes. Seven days earlier, there were 511 cases in 53 RAC homes, which was the lowest level since 1 October.

The latest data shows 323 RAC residents and 137 workers have COVID-19. Only 33 residential aged care homes have more than the solitary case of COVID-19.

Sadly, NSW Health reported that nine residents of Mercy Health’s Mercy Aged Care in Albury, 553km southwest of Sydney’s CBD, have now died from COVID-19. Four more residents have died in the past seven days with the latest being an unvaccinated woman, aged in her 90s.

As at 8 October, 85% of all residential aged care homes nationwide have had no cases of COVID-19 in residents or staff.

To 11:59pm on Monday:

  • 6% of ACT residents aged 12 and over are fully vaccinated;
  • 64% of WA residents in the same age group are double dosed;
  • 94% of people aged 16 and over across NSW had received a first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, and 90.1% were fully vaccinated;
  • 92% have had one dose and 85% are fully vaccinated in that group across Victoria;
  • 8% have had one dose and 70.6% are fully vaccinated in that group across South Australia, and
  • 8% of people in that age group across Queensland are partially vaccinated and 67.84% are fully vaccinated.

Despite increasing vaccination rates, there are concerns about a potential rise in community infections.

South Australian and former World Health Organization epidemiologist Adrian Esterman stated on Twitter today that NSW had another 261 local cases and 1 death. Their 7-day moving average is down to 223, and the basic reproductive number (REFF) is also down to 1.01. Hospitalisations in both NSW and Victoria are still going down.

In Victoria, there were another 1,313 local cases and four deaths overnight. The 7-day moving average is up to 1169, but the REFF has dropped marginally to 0.99.