Does your customer get you? Your brand positioning? Your value proposition? Here is what we did to reaffirm our positioning

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Do your customers know what your brand stands for and what makes you better than the competition?

If you’re not telling them, they will try to figure it out – some may get it right and some won’t.

We don’t want to leave this to chance so every six months we reinvest in our communications. Think about $6,000 each time.

With 50% of our digital customers utilising smartphones, video is perfect.

At the end of last year, we had a strategy meeting for our website agedcare101 with our go-to “storyteller” David Hardaker – the Walkley award-winning journalist and creator of great video messaging.

We identified that whilst our team internally is pretty good at communication, engaging an external, clear-thinking expert is ‘fresh eyes’ and a great investment.

The target audience – the eldest daughter in the family. Objective – demonstrate our empathy and respect during this highly emotional time for her.

The video also had to establish agedcare101 as the leader in aged care education and instil confidence that we will guide her each step of the way through the aged care system.

Check out the result here.

What were the steps

Creating the video was a six-step process and it did cost $6,000. This is big for us; $1,000 is our normal budget for an animated education video (as mentioned in a previous article).

But this is about us and first impressions on the homepage count!

We commissioned our next-door neighbor – digital media company The Creative Foundry.

In collaboration with David Hardaker, we and The Creative Foundry:

  1. Researched competitors to confirm our USP
  2. Refined our brand position – three sentences
  3. Wrote (and re-wrote) the script
  4. Created story boards, integrating the agedcare101 design (colours/fonts etc.) with our brand position – empathetic, respectful and dependable. We also selected a soundtrack to reflect this.
  5. Animated rough cut – without transitions, effects and soundtrack overlay.
  6. Edited (and re-edited) over 2 months. Published final version on website.

It cost us $6,000, which works out at $1,000 a month for six months until we reinvest again in our brand. We think that is good value. What do you think?