Date for Royal Commission to resume hearings passes by – but funding and financing of the sector on the agenda

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As we reported here, the Royal Commission announced on 20 March that it would suspend all hearings and workshops until at least the end of May – but there are signs that works continues in the background.

The Royal Commission says they are continuing to review the situation on when hearings will resume but no decision has yet been made.

The deadline for public submissions – already extended twice and due to close on 30 June 2020, for weeks away – is also “subject to ongoing review”.

We understand a number of submissions are currently being prepared at the Commission’s request however, with the all-important issues of funding and financing still waiting for their look-in.

Other issues still to be explored include:

  • integration and transition between different parts of the aged care system, including home, residential and respite care.
  • governance and accountability.
  • fostering innovation and improvement in aged care.
  • models for the delivery of aged care.
  • system architecture and design to support a good quality of life for people using aged care services.
  • how to deliver aged care in a sustainable way.
  • designing a future aged care system that puts older people first.

Plus, the Commission has also committed to hearings on the sector’s response to the coronavirus pandemic including the outbreaks at Newmarch House, Dorothy Henderson Lodge and Opal Aged Care Bankstown.30