ECH CEO David Panter backs Level 5 Home Care Package (HCP) to allow people to die at home – maximum $11,000 cost

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The cost of providing extra support to allow people to die at home came to a maximum of just $11,000 in addition to individuals’ existing HCP subsidies, according to a year-long study conducted by the SA-based Not For Profit, Community Care Review reports.

The study, which looked at 12 people aged over 70 who were already on HCPs and likely to be admitted to aged care, found that more support enabled 10 of the 12 to avoid going into a facility.

Dr Panter says the costs were “very illuminating”.

“We had people on a mixture of level 2 packages and level 4 packages and the additional subsidy required above their package varied between zero and $11,000. So, we’re not talking about huge amounts of dollars, and those combined figures are less than the cost of residential aged care in many cases.”

Food for thought.