Face masks now mandatory for Melbourne and Mitchell Shire – what it means

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If you live outside of Victoria you may not have thought too much about what it means when wearing of facemasks is mandated. This is a summary of the media release.

It is listed as a state emergency. Everyone living in Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire will now be required to wear some form of face covering when leaving the home.

The fine for not wearing a face covering will be $200.

The new rules will be enforced after 11.59pm, Wednesday 22 July to 16 August.

The only exemptions are for people with medical or professional reasons, children under the age of 12 and situations where it isn’t practical, like when running.

Face coverings in regional Victoria continue to be recommended in situations where maintaining 1.5 metres distance is not possible.

This comes as the Victorian government announced new visitation limits for aged care facilities and restrictions on workers, which we reported on here.