Fairfax trawling for stories of families pulling relatives out of aged care

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Historically it has been the ABC that has issued call outs for aged care ‘horror stories’ – now it appears others are joining in.

The Sydney Morning Herald has posted a request for people pulling a family member out of aged care to contact them.

“The crisis in aged care homes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many families worried about the safety of their relatives who live in these facilities,” it states.

“If you are planning to permanently remove a family member from aged care to live at home, we would like to hear from you.”

How many families are taking Mum or Dad home though?

In our conversations with providers, they have pointed to a very small number of family members taking this option – even in Victoria.

At the Royal Commission’s recent funding, financing and prudential regulation hearings, there was recognition that while older people may prefer to age in the family home, there will always be a cohort with complex needs that will not be able to be cared for outside of residential care.

How many people may have pulled a relative out of care – only to find the job is much tougher than they thought?