Families say communication has broken down at St Basil’s after Department of Health moves in – Aged Care Minister apologises

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As the COVID-19 death toll rises at St Basil’s home in Faulkner, distressed family members are left hanging for information about their parents’ wellbeing.

Some families gathered outside the aged care facility in desperate pleas after their calls went unanswered for several days since the handover to federal officials. The operators of the facility have apologised, referring to the silence, and in some cases misinformation, as a  ‘gap’ in communication.

Some relatives have not seen their resident elderly parents since March this year. “They could possibly be on their last breath of air and no one’s letting you know about it”, said one man who’s 86 year old mother, a resident of St Basil’s tested positive for COVID-19 on the weekend.

As meetings were held on the weekend with families of the residents, Aged Care Minister Richard Colbeck has promised more clarity.  “We are working around the clock to ensure families have access to…good information, he told Today.

The number of COVID-19 cases at St Basil’s is now 78.