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Focus on consumers: Ansell Strategic offers transition program for new aged care quality standards

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The new single set of eight quality standards start from 1 July 2019 and must be met by all Government-funded aged care providers.

Aged care provider advisers Ansell Strategic say it is imperative that providers start to transition to the new standards now in order to ensure full compliance – and consumer experience is key according to Ansell’s Manager – Operations Judi Coombe.

Ansell Strategic Manager – Operations Judi Coombe

“Consumer experience is the ‘cumulative impact of multiple touchpoints’. Each touchpoint has potential to be good, bad or indifferent. When we think about the number of opportunities a resident has each day to experience a good, bad or indifferent touchpoint with us, it is vast.”

“A good consumer experience means that the consumer feels that every point of contact matches their expectations. So, this means that providing an exceptional experience for consumers starts with your team.”

Ms Coombe says that consumers need to have confidence that providers’ services will meet their needs and preferences – and do their research to make sure what they are implementing is best practice, not just what they have always done.

Ansell Strategic have developed a flexible transition support program to help providers.

You can find out more HERE.