How Mounties Group took a “Grandads RSL” with a $6M loss and converted it into an intergenerational precinct with a $4M profit before opening the doors. 

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Want to be entertained for 15 minutes plus see a great presentation for a new village?

Then check out Dale Hunt from our LEADERS SUMMIT here. He swears he has never spoken in public before and was as nervous as hell. We are not so sure.

As General Manager (Northern) of Not For Profit Mounties Group, Dale was facing several challenges when it came to his Harbord Diggers club.

First, it was a tired club that had been around for 90 years and was no longer relevant to an evolving community. “The original guys (the ‘founders’) dream for Harbord Diggers was dying”.

Second, the club was losing $6M each year.

Third, when thinking about retirement, Dale didn’t like the idea of the traditional retirement village. He wanted something connected with the community – an intergenerational community.

So, what did he do?

They discovered a way to convert what many traditional retirement villages would consider ‘cost centres’, such as the communal swimming pools and gyms, into profit centres by leasing their pool, gym, child care facilities and restaurants out.

The result – the new Harbord Diggers will produce a $4M profit before it even opens its doors.

Each of these facilities then invites not only the residents (who receive free membership) but the public to enjoy them as well – creating an intergenerational community precinct and a new exciting concept for retirees.

To attract all these people across multiple generations, the facilities will need to be of the best possible standard and I personally think this is exactly what they have achieved. Check out Dale’s presentation from the LEADERS SUMMIT to see it for yourself.

If it wasn’t for the $2.3M (on average) apartment price tag I’d be signing up tomorrow!