“HUR equipment is absolutely fit for purpose – we should have these gyms all around Australia”: David Moran, CEO Southern Cross Care (SA, NT & VIC) Inc

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A cornerstone of SCC’s successful ‘Better for Life’ person-centred and healthy-ageing strategy is its Finnish made HUR gym equipment. The programme engages the local community into SCC’s retirement village in residential care services.

SCC CEO David Moran (pictured right) says HUR equipment is not only designed for older people heading towards frailty, but it captures data, such as strength gain, in small increments. This has been the most powerful tool to win engagement and ongoing participation. Real improvements can be seen.

SCC were able to demonstrate a 47% improvement against targeted physical metrics in just 6 weeks.

Old facilities, new clients

SCC had several old therapy centres which were close to demolition. The decision was taken to repurpose instead, establishing community-based Health and Wellness centres. The success of these lead to an inclusion of a centre into their new Carmelite village and aged care home.

In FY21 SCC delivered 108,000 hours of health and wellness services to 3,000 clients, with HUR equipment having been installed into 3 large gyms and key pieces into 19 gyms all together.

SCC recruited Dr Tim Henwood from the very successful Burnie Brae community outreach operation in Brisbane to be the Group Manager of Health and Wellness.

Tim identified that “programs need to offer clients goal achievement, and to reinforce the value of participation”. The HUR data helps here by providing instant feedback and acknowledgement of progress.

It specifically delivers on SCC’s ‘Strength Today’ program of resistance training, balance and functional exercise.

Early and real results have been delivering SCC new clients by word-of-mouth recommendations to friends, expanding the SCC brand.

Royal Commission raises Wellness bar

The Royal Commission focused on wellness, reablement and the importance of allied health services to regaining and maintaining physical function. Giving evidence, Jo Boylan (pictured right), SCC’s Executive for Services, explained that they have spent six years systematically integrating a health and wellbeing model across their 17 aged care homes, including 21 gyms, the tripling of their allied health services, and early identification and intervention introduced as a fundamental practice.

As Jo told the Commissioners, these practices have seen positive results including a 67% reduction in resident transfers to hospital and 93% experiencing good quality of life on World Health Organisation indicators and more than 90% being able to weight bear.

Importantly, with HUR equipment, SCC is able to build on this data and deliver it to department auditors.

David Moran’s conclusion: “HUR equipment is absolutely fit for purpose – we should have these gyms all around Australia”.

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