Indian religious group proposes new retirement village for Springfield

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The village would form part of a new multi-purpose, multi-faith community centre at Springfield Lakes, 21km east of the Ipswich CBD and 33km from Brisbane. It is 1km from Aveo’s new village that will grow to 2,500 village homes.

The centre is being proposed by the Vedanta Centre, a branch of the Ramakrishna Order from India.

The first stage of the development will include a multi-purpose building for meditation, prayer and yoga, while the second will include the village and a community centre with a clubhouse.

Resident Swami for the Centre’s Brisbane Chapter, Swami Atmeshananda said the site will be a place for like-minded people who believe in the harmony of faith and religion.

“It is open to all, but in particular it will be a nice place for older people to hang around, almost like a day care for the elderly,” he told the Northern Star.


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