Japara’s rebranding campaign: Respect, Authenticity, Response By Jacinta Duffy, GM, Marketing and Communications, Japara

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When Japara commenced its re-brand in 2017, our first step was to undertake focus group research with all of the various stakeholders that we wanted our brand to resonate with. This included our residents, their family members, our staff, referrers and suppliers.

The work gave us a huge amount of raw material to work with, however we kept coming back to two core values – respect and authenticity. These ultimately shaped the resulting re-branding campaign.

One of the ways that our value of authenticity drove our re-brand was our decision to not use actors in our photography. Instead, we prefer to photograph our own residents and with their permission share their stories. And what amazing stories they all have to share!

In sharing and honouring a resident’s story, we intend to convey our respect for their individuality and unique life story.

We have had wonderful and heart-warming feedback about the campaign from our residents.

One of the residents in the campaign, Nancy, talked about how as you get older you really feel like you disappear, and no one notices you anymore. She said that the campaign “respected and celebrated older people and their stories.” This feedback of “being seen” has been a consistent and appreciated theme.

Finally, as all marketers are, the campaign is evaluated by metrics and numbers.

Our website has enjoyed consistent and steady increases month on month and has had more than a 150% increase in traffic compared to last year and its relaunch.

Online enquiries have increased by 32%. Recently, metrics from a third-party supplier demonstrated that our digital campaigns click-through rate is three-fold what other advertisers have.

So, in the words of Nancy, we are definitely “being seen” – our campaigns are resonating with our target audiences and they are responding.

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Jacinta Duffy

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