Just 8 days to the LEADERS SUMMIT and 30 exceptional village and care speakers

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You still have the opportunity to join over 400 senior executives at the Hilton Sydney next Thursday and Friday. You will experience 30 individual presentations by leading executives in the village and care sectors.

Each year the LEADERS SUMMIT is carefully designed to present a unique window into the operational silos – Finance, Development, Legislation, Marketing and Sales, Disruptive IT and Government, to name a few. Be exposed to the best thinking from across the country.

If you are developing business plans for FY18 there is no better preparation.

Our unique networking program plus Q&A format allows you to also discuss and challenge ideas with your colleagues.

Special announcement: the leading broadcaster Andrew Denton will join village veteran Peter Inge on stage for a conversation that will affect all of us personally. Discover why at the LEADERS SUMMIT.

Please join us next Thursday and Friday in Sydney. For more information click HERE.