Large Street Trust withdraws appeal against Oak Tree retirement development in Toowoomba, Queensland

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Middle Ridge residents, in south east Toowoomba, Queensland, have backed down on their appeal against the development of a 51-unit retirement village by the Oak Tree Group.

The residents, who were represented by the Large Street Trust, had lodged an appeal against the proposed development in the Planning and Environment Court, seeking to have it classified as invalid.

The appeal wasn’t lodged until six months after council approved the two-stage development.

The Chronicle reported the appeal stated council’s approval of the development was “invalid, and of no legal effect”.

However, mediation had been struck between the concerned parties and the Trust told the publication its appeal had been dropped ahead of the scheduled May hearing in the Planning and Environment Court.

The Oak Tree Group already runs two retirement villages in Toowoomba and according to, Toowoomba currently has 38 villages operating in the region and the most recent census data found 27.6% of the population is aged over 55.