A luxury cruise is cheaper than residential aged care

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The Australian Financial Review has done a comparison of taking a 104-day world cruise with Princess Cruises compared to staying in an aged care facility.

The five-star Sea Princess will take you around the world by the Suez Canal to the Aegean and Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, England, Norway, New York, Miami, Panama Canal, Peru, Easter Island, New Zealand, Tahiti and home. You will have an interior State room, all meals, daily housekeeping and access to medical services – all for $204 per day.

By comparison you can stay at Lulworth House, famous for caring for residents such as Gough Whitlam, in Sydney’s Elizabeth Bay where a resident with a $100,000 income, a $1.5M home and $1M in assets will be paying $243 per day. 20% more than cruising!