McCrindle Baynes Village Census Report 2013 Snapshot

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Across October and November last year McCrindle research and we conducted a survey of residents across 232 retirement villages. 5200 completed a 46 question survey. Importantly over 1000 of the sample were ‘recent movers’, new residents that have moved in 2012 and 2013 – the 22 months before the survey was made. They are today’s customer.
Each week we will feature the result from one question from these ‘recent movers’ to assist you in understanding of the customer is. (If you are interested in the full survey from $2500 click HERE).
“What is your current age”?
This result was a bit of a surprise, with 26% aged under 70, bucking the trend of new residents being close at 80 and 75. The oft held wisdom that new villages attract a younger resident’s (early 70s) and mature villages attract an older resident (late 70s) does not hold in the sample as there are few new villages represented.
Are these younger residents moving because of lifestyle and facilities? Possibly. 40% stated that ‘village facilities’ were very influential or extremely influential in choosing to buy into their village.