Meet Grant – the only human that can survive a career in advertising

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As my final The/Shift article I wanted to do a throwback with a bit of a twist.

You may remember one of the first campaigns I covered called “Meet Graham”, the Transport Accident Commissions road safety message about how the human body would need to look to survive a low impact car crash.

Click here for a refresh of the “Meet Graham’ campaign before you watch the Cummins and Partners parody ‘Meet Grant’.

‘Meet Grant’ was created to promote The Melbourne Advertising and Design Club’s Stars Creative Showcase being held next month.

Grant has been designed to survive a career in advertising.

His ears filter out conflicting opinion, he has unusually thick skin, an auxiliary liver to help process copious amount of alcohol, a removable spine and smaller than average genitals “to give him something to compensate for”.

The ‘Meet Grant’ video concludes by reporting on its poor results – over 153 website visits, tens of dollars in earned media, advertising related injuries down 2% and then just flashes the word Facebook on the screen without any results.

Yes, this is a clever campaign but what it really demonstrates is just how successful the ‘Meet Graham’ campaign was and continues to be. You haven’t truly made it until someone makes a parody right?