MinterEllison warns QLD Govt that retirement villages can’t protect residents unless urgent laws are passed to increase their powers

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MinterEllison partner Robin Lyons (pictured below) says that retirement villages do not have the same powers as aged care homes to block visitors or restrict residents from gathering in common areas, The Australian reports.

“Ideally, the Queensland government will step in to assist retirement village operators to implement and enforce similar types of restrictions in their communities that now apply to aged care facilities, including the introduction of mandatory temperature testing, restrictions on large gatherings in community facilities, the closing of restaurants, controls on visitor access to villages and enforced self-isolation for infected residents,” Mr Lyons wrote to State Parliament.

It’s a good point. Village operators can’t force their residents to socially isolate unlike in aged care and must rely on residents and residents’ associations to in effect ‘self-manage’ themselves.

The issue will not be resolved soon – Queensland Parliament will not sit again until 28 April.