More than 170 aged care facilities are behind on infection control training despite funding of $218 million from the Federal Government

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Figures obtained by The Herald Sun have uncovered at least 170 aged care homes failed to meet the Federal Government’s February 28 deadline for infection control training.

The Government committed $218 million to the sector so infection training could be undertaken after Victoria’s second wave of COVID-19, which claimed the lives of more than 600 aged care residents.

After investigators concluded ‘substandard infection control’ was a contributing factor in the second wave the Government made the funds available to employ a trained infection control worker.

However, 7% of Australian aged care homes have failed to employ the dedicated worker by the deadline date and as a result could soon be the subject of regulatory action.

In a positive sign, the Department of Health has reported more than 3,500 applications for enrolment in the Australasian College of Infection Prevention Control.

Over 600 aged care homes in Victoria have completed the training, which covers infection prevention and control for COVID-19, training for aged care workers and training focused on rural and remote communities and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.