New ‘Aged Care System Navigator’ aims to provide a helping hand to older Australians accessing aged care services

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The difficulty of accessing and understanding MyAgedCare has been raised frequently in the Royal Commission. The system has been a source of struggle for many since its introduction in 2013.

Now, a $7.4 million pilot program of a new ‘System Navigator’ is being trialled in 62 locations across Australia between now and June 2020 to help older Australians and their loved ones understand how it works.

The pilot is being run by a group of 31 consumer-focused organisations, led by COTA Australia, and will deliver services face-to-face, as well as providing some additional telephone and online support.

The trials have been designed to include a wide range of people, including those living with dementia, older Australians at risk of homelessness, and older Australians from ethnically-diverse and LGBTQI communities.