Peak union bodies get political as well, declaring a ‘Day of Action’ and release video as part of campaigns for mandated staffing ratios in aged care

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Another campaign driving for action, this time from the unions.

The Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union (QNMU) and the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) are pushing hard for mandated staffing ratios ahead of the Royal Commission Report, which is likely not to support them.

The bodies allege providers are putting profits above care, and are honing in hard on the argument there are no laws dictating how many nurses and staff are required to support safe care.

QNMU has set Monday, March 1 as its National Day of Action.

Check out their campaign here.

The 300,000-strong ANMF is also not holding back in their push for more staffing hours, releasing a video which you can see below.

Federal secretary Annie Butler says the union is demanding real solutions to fix aged care, which they see as mandatory levels and ratios of nurses.

Ms Butler said if the government did not listen “we will work to get the community on side and make this a top election issue”.