Peter Inge speaks up for Village Managers: “The core, the heart, the soul”.

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Every speaker at our VILLAGE SUMMIT is at the top of their game and delivered perfectly pitched presentations.

Widely acknowledged as one of the most successful, experienced and wise retirement village operators in the country, Peter Inge delivered an entertaining, passionate and ultimately the most precise description of why some village operators “don’t get it” and are struggling while some “get it” and are blossoming.

If you have any interest in what makes for a successful retirement village you must watch this video. He explains how the family business was built up to 20 villages, reluctantly selling out on the eve of the GFC and then how he bought back one village which he and his wife operate to keep involved in the sector.

It’s a fascinating story.

Peter describes Village Managers as “the most important people in the industry” because they “get the why”.

Village Managers are “the core, the heart the soul of the industry”.

View the video HERE.