Plan for contentious $81M aged care home in Lane Cove pushes ahead despite consumer advocacy

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Australian Unity is one step closer to kickstarting construction on an $81M high-rise aged care home in Sydney – despite mounting opposition from locals.

The plan is to use the former Lane Cove bowling club and cultural centre, 12km north of Sydney’s CBD, as the grounds for the seven-storey tall building.

But more than 170 residents have voiced concerns over the height of the building and claimed it will cause traffic chaos because it sits between two schools.

The proposed development would be made up of three buildings, including 92 senior apartments, 122 car park spaces, a cafe and garden.

Lane Cove Mayor Pam Palmer has defended the plan, which she said would contribute to the neighbourhood and provide needed senior housing.

She also claimed the project has been carefully considered to soften the impact on views and traffic in the surrounding areas.

As we reported here, it is the latest chapter in a story that has played out since last year’s report that Lane Cove Council sold the site to Australia Unity.

The plan is now before the Sydney North Planning Panel to determine if it will get the green light.