Private operators shut two aged care homes on NSW Central Coast – citing Quality Standards and Royal Commission

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Two aged care centres have closed their doors at Wyoming and Lisarow, with residents eat each given five weeks’ notice to move according to the ABC.

Private provider Allity, which has 44 aged care facilities son the East Coast, is shutting the Henry Kendall aged care facility at Wyoming despite investing $2 million in the 34-year-old facility since it was acquired in 2013.

The facility only met 11 of the 44 expected outcomes at its last accreditation audit in April 2019 and was the subject of a serious risk decision in May 2019.

In a statement, the provider said 40 of the 69 residents had already been moved to alternate accommodation and said the inability to refurbish the building was the reason for the closure.

“Henry Kendall is an older home, and it has become evident over time that the building cannot be modified extensively enough to meet the accommodation needs, expectations, and preferences of residents going forward,” Operations Manager, Deborah Karam said.

The Astoria Group, which runs three aged care facilities between the NSW Central Coast and North Coast, was clear however on why it was shutting the dementia unit at its Orchards aged care facility – which is co-located with a retirement village – at Lisarow.

“The new quality standards, the royal commission, staff education and resourcing, and research and advice received with regards to what a well-designed dementia environment looks like,” they reportedly told one family in a letter.

“For us to be able to provide this in to the future at the high standard that we set for ourselves, we just don’t have the resources to be able to do that.”

How many more providers are in the same boat?