Procura’s innovative, scalable and proven Clinical Care solution enhances residents’ quality of care

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Procura provides various tools to assist with quality aged care management, monitoring and improving resident care and quality of life. Procura’s Clinical Care solution enables aged care organisations to provide their clinicians with the client’s clinical and historical information at the point of care. Procura Global Enquiry Wizard provides a single point of entry for all enquiries.

It assists in the logging, follow-up and analysis of hazard and incident occurrences and reduces risks, thereby improving safety and care. Complaints, compliments, suggestions, actions from meetings and audit results can be logged and managed to continually improve quality of management in the organisation.

Procura’s Clinical Care reports, graphs and alerts keep staff up-to-date, enabling quick documentation processing and accountability with vital analytical insights. Procura’s Global Care Plan delivers the power to create, review and update assessments and care plans to support your residents’ needs and goals. Procura’s Clinical Care solution provides comprehensive resident records, care planning, charting and assessments, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Procura’s Clinical Care solution is reliable, easy to use and includes all the functionality residential aged care providers need, supporting their delivery of the highest levels of resident care. One comprehensive and fully integrated software application provides all of a provider’s documentation requirements.

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