Record 121,747 people search for a village in January on

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All operators should be seeing a pickup of new sales enquiry.

New consumer interest in retirement living, across retirement villages and land lease communities, is breaking all records on

January 2021 experienced 121,747 visitors, which is 15% up on January 2020, and a record for the website which first launched in June 2006.

Customer activity was also turbocharged with phone calls, website clicks and emails to operators enquiring about their villages peaking at 18,600 for the month, up 44% on January last year.

11,159 people clicked on a web link. 6,634 asked for the village phone number and 825 people sent an email asking for a sales contact.

While we are constantly reworking our SEO on the website, there was no significant action that we did to engage more visits.

We should also point out that we do not engage Google AdWords, Facebook or any other social media advertising for All traffic is organic and based on Google’s ranking of the quality of our educational and listing content.