Residential aged care occupancy dips below 90% for the first time ever – providers now recruiting sales managers, James Underwood says

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The national occupancy rate for aged care beds has fallen to 89.4%, according to the 2018-19 Report on the Operation of the Aged Care Act – leaving a huge 22,260 beds empty every day as of 30 June 2019.

Reflecting the current shift towards care at home, the number of home care providers has also overtaken the number of residential care providers for the first time – 928 compared to 873.

You can download the report HERE.

It is a dire situation for providers – and one that will affect the bottom line in more ways than one.

James Underwood reports many providers are for the first time recruiting for sales staff and managers to help boost flagging bed numbers. See his recruitment ad HERE.

James also notes that the additional 10,000 Home Care Packages announced by the Government last Monday are unlikely to help operators facing declining occupancy levels as more people receive care in their homes and retirement villages.