Retirement village new sales enquiry up 11% in 2021 on – demand exceeds supply

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Last year 956,734 people woke up in the morning and decided to check out for retirement villages as an option to live in.

This is a very substantial 11% more people in 2021 compared to 2020. In real numbers, this is 94,068 more people who were potential customers.

And they searched more options, with Page Views up 16% to 3.956 million pages. The average time spent was two minutes and 50 seconds, 8% more time than 2020.

People searching actual regions for villages spent an average of four minutes checking out the details of villages; this included viewing one of our 20+ educational videos.

Even bigger was the engagement – website clicks to get through to operator and village websites was up a massive 30%, to 115,000 clicks.

Email info requests were up 28% at 9,500, but phone number requests dropped 8% to 65,000.

This significant growth needs to be compared to the fact that last year, just 23,000 village homes were available for sale. This equates to the number of people who search in just one week.

We calculate this on 10% turnover of existing stock plus new village home builds of around 3,000 units.

Demand does exceed supply. Village operators should be enjoying equally significant sales, especially if you have a Promotional Listing on – an investment of just $1,000 for 12 months. Email Carmella if you want more information.