Royal Commission announces four-day hearing on transition to new home care system – in just three weeks’ time

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A surprise hearing ahead of the Royal Commission’s investigation of funding and financing.

The Commissioners have announced they will examine some of the key design issues for a new home care system and how to transition to a new system from Monday, 31 August to Thursday, 3 September

“Recent research commissioned by the Royal Commissioners reveals that older people have a strong preference to stay in their own homes should they ever have a need for support or care (What Australians Think of Ageing and Aged Care, Roy Morgan, July 2020),” the Commissioners said in a statement.

The Commissioners also noted at that Adelaide Hearing 4, the Counsel Assisting submitted that the improvement of the home care system must be a major focus of any re-designed system.

The hearing will also look into:

  • employment and engagement arrangements for home care workers
  • qualifications and training for home care workers
  • safeguards for older people receiving care in their homes
  • regulation of aged care services delivered to people in their homes and in the community.