Royal Commission village opportunity real – if we act as a sector now

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Last week I reviewed the recommendations in the Royal Commission that open up really significant opportunities for the village sector.

In essence, these recommendations lay out a national strategy that would allow, with minor zoning changes, a new model of medium-rise villages.

To verify this opportunity, today I received this SMS from Paul Browne (pictured right) at LDK Seniors Living, which is implementing this new model in Canberra:

“Here’s a story angle – sales rates open door for medium- and high-rise senior living developments.”

“You know what’s really exciting is that with new built projects like Canberra, it’s very realistic in any capital city that we can do 100 net sales per year.”

“Canberra is especially fertile for our product thus tracking towards 150 for calendar year but all others will produce 100 sales a year.”

“This opens the door to medium- and high-rise developments that were not financially possible in the past with sales rates of only 30 or 40 per year.”

“Stages of 100-unit buildings can be sold down as next stage of 100 is built!!!!!”

“Bloody exciting.”

Bloody exciting indeed. To make this happen nationally will require the three peaks (ACSA, LASA and RLC) to come together as a truly representative force. Will they?

If they want to get in on the Royal Commission’s final report to Government, they have until 12 November to do it with a maximum 300-word outline.