Sen. Richard Colbeck grilled days before damning interim report

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Days before the damning Aged Care Quality and Safety’s Interim Report was released on Thursday, Richard Colbeck was grilled at the Leading Age Services Australia National Congress.

The Minister for Aged Care and Senior Australians, who has yet to publicly address since the report, was grilled in a panel discussion about his lack of urgency last Sunday in Adelaide.

BallyCara CEO Marcus Riley warned him that the old funding model the government was using was redundant – and we need a new one before it is too late.

“Are we going to have to try and adapt what will be a redundant funding tool to a new set of expectations and a new way of operating?” Mr Riley said.

“The smart approach is to supplement funding now to get it to a level that is workable whilst we are designing with the community, with consumers a system of the future and then fund that.”

In September, Mr Colbeck pledged we would see sweeping changes to the sector in coming months at the Health Metrics 2019 conference in Melbourne.

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Pictured: Left to right, Marcus Riley, Rachel Siewert, Richard Colbeck