Singapore expands eldercare services to all elderly – 280 centres

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Could we see a similar model here if the Royal Commission gets their way on social supports and aged care navigators?

Singapore’s Ministry of Health is set to roll out a new baseline service at all its eldercare centres which will be available to all elderly regardless of income or health across 130 Senior Activity Centres and 150 Senior Care Centres and Active Ageing Hubs.

As part of the new service model, each eldercare centre will serve as the go-to point for all seniors in their community and provide an ‘ABC’ suite of services.

The aim of the new model is to help “seniors age healthily, having timely access to quality care, staying connected to the community, and contributing as they wish”.

Each centre will provide a host of services including befriending or buddying, active ageing programmes, and information and referral to care services.

Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for Health, Masagos Zulkifli said with more services, seniors could ‘take charge’ of their health and extend their quality of life.

“I look forward to eldercare centres adding to the vibrancy of each community, and seniors participating or volunteering actively to help other seniors in their midst,” he said.