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Village operators today need to be able to communicate with residents at any time – and this includes by phone, SMS, email and even video. Now you can, plus a lot more.

Conpago is an app that has instantly been taken up by residents as a welcomed and appreciated tool, not to mention saving money and being a great marketing support.

Imagine an app that becomes the essential tool for all your residents because they love it so much.

Imagine it carries all your village messages, from COVID-19 updates, to daily news – and residents read them because your branded app is part of their daily lives.

Imagine managing all your village events and facility bookings from one easy location, with automated notifications keeping your residents always up-to-date.

Imagine capturing all maintenance requests and providing progress updates with the click of a button.

The Conpago digital management system brings together your customer support, communication and management, content sharing, events, facilities, maintenance and document management into the one place.

And now Conpago is part of the Tunstall family of village and care services.

Elements Retirement Living at Springwood launched Conpago in partnership with Tunstall in February 2022, replacing several legacy systems.

“The fact that our residents actually want to use it affirms for us that it works, provides value, and they actually enjoy using it.” Dana Voyle, Village Manager at Elements, said.

We had over 61% user adoption in the first fortnight and we’re on track for over 90% adoption in the next month.

“Conpago has freed up so much of our time. We’ve already seen a reduction in office walk-ins and the transparency of maintenance requests has made it easier to coordinate tradespeople. We’ve saved time with the broadcast messages feature too; getting a message out quickly is invaluable.”

Base for future care services.

Trent Gifford, Commercial Director of Tunstall Healthcare, says they have plans to transform the retirement living industry with a highly sophisticated digital care management system.

“Long-term we are focused on integrating Tunstall’s health data, remote monitoring and personal emergency care with the customer engagement and business process streamlining capabilities of Conpago,” Trent said.

Want to see how Conpago can transform retirement living for your residents and staff? Tunstall is offering the entry-level Conpago app to customers free of charge.

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