The retirement planning campaign featuring unique challenges that we can all relate to

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Prudential Financial, an American Fortune 500 company specialising in retirement planning has just launched a campaign to position them as a brand that understands people’s unique financial challenges (despite their size).

Results from their survey of 3,000 people found that whilst many agree that saving for retirement is a priority, most worry that they will never save enough to be able to retire.

They felt it was important to not just pour over the data but to get out there and hear from the people themselves.

“We wanted to be the brand that listens and one that is uniquely positioned to partner with individuals and their families to address these financial challenges.” Prudential Finacial VP of Brand Marketing Niharika Shah said.

The campaign includes seven TV spots featuring seven different challenges.

The video above of Elsie Eiler from Monowi Nebraska – Americas smallest town is my pick of the bunch.

Whilst Elsie’s situation is certainly unique, the message is simple. 4 out of 5 women will eventually become sole financial providers.

Prudential has successfully identified individuals’ unique challenges and found commonalities between them and what many of us will go through when planning for retirement.

What a great concept!

Over the coming month they will also be rolling out print and digital media plus interactive online experiences.