The Royal Commission is a ‘Game Changer’ for aged care – and retirement living

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The Royal Commission’s Interim Report in October made it clear: a fundamental redesign of the system is needed.

And not just the last two to four years of an ageing person’s life. Commissioner Lynelle Briggs stated in November:

“I give that challenge to you: what would really work to help elderly people enjoy the last 10 to 15 years of their life – not just people in residential care but at home. No one should be prepared to accept less”.

This is the territory of the retirement village sector

Can the village operators create the ‘new thinking’ that she is after? Is the Aveo ‘Freedom’ model the answer, or LDK’s membership model or Seasons Private Aged Care under the RVA Act the answer?

Will new entrants with new ideas from hospitality lead change?

Turn the system ‘upside down’

Commissioner Briggs says the Royal Commission’s final report recommendations (scheduled for November 2020) will turn the system “upside-down”, with sweeping changes to the way aged care is operated in Australia.

“We feel so great is the change needed in this sector, we want to create a complete plan,” she told the Rockhampton community forum.

She also has said: “We’ve got to look at how we engage with CEO and Board levels. Everyone has to come together and say we need to fix it”.

Consultation paper: the ‘Design’ of our future aged care system – deadline 24 January

The Commissioners are serious. The week before Christmas they issued a Consultation paper, asking for sector leaders to step up and contribute to the design our future aged care system – including retirement living. The Introduction says:

“We also discuss what this might mean for:

  • How older people experience the aged care system
  • Financing
  • Regulation”

If you are a strategic thinker in the retirement living journey you need to read this Consultation paper – and perhaps submit. The deadline is 24 January, and from submissions ‘authors’ will be selected to participate in Royal Commission ‘workshops’.

And join us at our LEADERS SUMMIT 2020 in Sydney, 26-27 March where 32 CEOs will discuss their visions and challenges for the future of retirement living and aged care.