THE/SHIFT has been created exclusively for marketing professionals in the aged care and retirement sectors.

The business of aged care and retirement living are both experiencing seismic shifts that challenge existing business models and open up new opportunities.

At no time before has either sector been under such scrutiny from the media, government and our emerging customers.

Aged care is facing multiple enquiries and retirement villages are undergoing extreme scrutiny by the likes of Four Corners and Fairfax Media.

We marketers need to be on the front foot, clearly expressing our unique value propositions and celebrating the excellence we deliver our customers every day.

We need to shift opinions. And grow ourselves every day. THE/SHIFT will cover:

  • a snapshot of the industry news you need to know
  • marketing tools and resources that can actually help you
  • a look at some great (and not-so-great) marketing campaigns

Your feedback and topic recommendations are a gift. Don't be shy!

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