The Top 7 new ideas for aged care you missed in The Daily COMMISSION

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If ‘no’, then you are missing the discussion about what is needed in administration of aged care homes.

Here are seven ‘big ideas’ – which do you agree with?

  • Rationalise 800 RAC operators to 80
  • Rationalise 900 home care operators to 90
  • Operators demand a minimum 7% return on assets (irrespective of location or size) or will not play the government game
  • Only one operator to specialise in areas of research area e.g. dementia, nutrition, homelessness etc to receive government funding and they must share their resulting Intellectual Property (IP)
  • One universal software system to save on staff training/data collection
  • The government to mandate a list of requirements to be an aged care board director to ensure they are aware of the inherent risks and responsibilities
  • $250 million for a five-year media blitz to educate the community on paying more towards their own care costs

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