Top Not For Profits make more dollars than listed operators on EBITDA per bed

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The Top 25% of aged care operators surveyed in aged care accountant StewartBrown’s March 2019 sector report are now making the same or more per occupied bed per annum (POBA) than Regis, Estia and Japara, according to the latest ‘In a Nutshell’ report from aged care advisory firm Ansell Strategic.

Check out this graph from the report above.

StewartBrown surveys mostly Not for Profits and accounts for around 40% of facilities in Australia. The Top 25% earned $16,500 POBA for the year to March 2019.

In contrast, Regis’ POBA was $17,000 in FY19; Estia’s $16,900; and Japara’s $12,700.

What is also clear that without the one-off Federal government subsidy of $320 million for providers between 20 March 2019 and 30 June 2019, none of the three providers would have come close to making $16,500 per bed.

Ansell points out the top quartile providers in the StewartBrown Benchmark saw a small decline – but it would seem the Not For Profits are now setting the benchmark.