UBS ran a campaign to remind us we’re old as hell

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Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS, ran a five-part series of online, social media and tv spots to remind us just how old we’re getting … and there’s nothing we can do about it. It is 20 seconds long.

Their message is typically Swiss, “if you plan in good time, at least you won’t have to worry about your financial security”.

The ads targeted three key demographics 20-39 yrs, 40-55 yrs and 55+ yrs all with different pension topics relevant to their circumstances.

The campaign received mixed reports, many saying – “there’s a sad-but-funny truth behind this commercial, the five spots are relatable in a pathetic sort of way”.

The true success of this campaign is the response it got on social media. It received hundreds of comments from people sharing how they’re reminded they’re “getting old”.

“I found a yearbook from my 8th-grade year in an antique store. Antique.”

“A couple of months ago, my hair was in a ponytail and I saw three white hairs on the side of my head (screeeeeeach!)”

“It is what it is and that’s all it is, 18 years with my best friend (wife) four kids, 2 grandkids and no regrets. I’ll leave here happy.” 

The campaign strikes an unusually funny, relatable and personable tone for a financial company and follows through with solutions they can provide for the customer.

Check out the other four here.


It’s interesting, but I don’t think it works. What about you?