UnitingCare QLD developed COVID-19 screening app in just 72 hours

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The coronavirus pandemic has proven that sometimes speed is of the essence – now one of Queensland’s largest Not For Profits has revealed how it was able to roll out an app to screen up to 2,000 people per hour across its 120 locations.

With a 17,400-workforce, 9,000 volunteers, 430,000 customers, as well as the wider community, UnitingCare reached out to Triggerfish, a MarTech company which had previously delivered complex Customer Experience projects for the provider in August to create a screening solution for COVID.

Using their existing Sitecore environment and its platforms to meet security, data and privacy mandates, the app tracks visitors and staff through check in stations at hospitals and health service locations, using both physical and device QR codes.

UnitingCare’s head office utilises Microsoft Power BI to visualise check-ins by location, submission day, brand, location, and role, while the Power BI dashboard also presents total check-ins, unique users and questions anomalies.

The resulting app allows the provider to screen the data for emergency tracing purposes in less than 30 minutes and the experience could be scaled across all the UnitingCare group of brands in the future according to Triggerfish Director, Anthony Hook (pictured right)

Anthony says the whole process from development to initial roll-out took just 72 hours thanks to UnitingCare’s already established systems, with the project live in its locations in three days and fully operational over the following two weeks.

With initial ‘fire drills’ showing that the app could provide a response in 20 to 30 minutes, Anthony says it is more efficient than a paper-based solution.

“UnitingCare’s constant operational focus on good technology means that when they do need to deploy a new website, for example, it can be done in four to five weeks and they can respond in a much more operational and strategic way.”