Village enquiry rates rebound post-COVID – October biggest month ever on setting up pre-and post-Christmas sales

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Web search activity by potential retirement village residents has rebounded to record levels after the dampening effect of COVID-19 lockdowns from May through to September.

The reopening of enquiry has seen an increase in October to 114,000, 16% over October 2020, and is the first time October has increased since 2017, which was in the aftermath of the Four Corners negative impact on village sales of June of that year.

Importantly, conversions increased by 16% as well to 15,500 direct connections with retirement communities.

Searches by region – people investigating a full region to consider moving to – increased by significant 22% year-on-year, demonstrating people are increasingly looking beyond their local area.

Important to activate marketing and sales plans now

This out of season growth in village enquiry suggests operators to activate their marketing now rather than waiting for the New Year.

Traditionally sales enquiry jumps 20%+ in the second week of January and hold strong through to Easter, guaranteeing stronger sales in the second half of the financial year.

But the activity in October on indicates customers are coming out of COVID with serious intent pre-Christmas. Now is the time to set up pre-Christmas marketing and sales plans.

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