Violent rage in aged care facilities

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Two reminders this week that violence can erupt in aged care facilities, for a wide range of reasons

A 79-year-old man this week attacked another man aged 76 at a North Brisbane care facility, stabbing him in the face and neck. The attacker has been charged with attempted murder.

Also this week a 68-year-old male (pictured) what you are has appeared in the Supreme Court of Victoria where he has pleaded guilty to intentionally causing serious injury to an 87-year-old resident of the same care facility, who later died from head injuries he received from their fight.

In this case the victim twice in one day, in a confused state, entered the 68-year-old man’s room thinking it his own. On the second visit he touched the walker which led to an angry explosion by the 68-year-old who punched him multiple times resulting in a fall.

In court it was explained that the 68-year-old was a boxer in his youth and this training kicked in plus he suffered obsessive-compulsive behaviour including being obsessively clean which contributed to the attack.

He is now housed in a more secure facility and is being assessed for a community correction order.