WA State Government Acknowledges Village Bullying, Legislative Change Planned

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Phillips, Y. ‘MPs Back Retirees in Village Bullying,’ The West Australian, June 21, 2008, p. 65.
Residents of a Perth retirement village have been the victims of long-running threats and bullying by WA-based property developer Moss Glades Pty Ltd, a parliamentary inquiry found this week. The inquiry into Karrinyup Lakes Lifestyle Village reported Moss Glade’s Eoin Martin had been “evasive and uncommunicative at best, and aggressive and abusive at worst,” threatening him with contempt if he failed to withdraw from the day-to-day running of the village. The report recommended changes to the existing legislation to protect retirees and ordered the Planning and Infrastructure Minister to provide a penalty when a person offers false or misleading information in support of a building proposal.
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