WA: Wanneroo council rejects rezoning request for $80M co-located village and aged care

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As we reported here, the owners of four adjoining blocks in Wanneroo, 31km north of the Perth CBD, had been seeking approval to rezone the 8ha site for a 148-unit retirement village and a 120-bed aged care home with the private aged care provider Hall & Prior and WA project manager Civcon Civil.

Mayor Tracey Roberts said that the council was particularly concerned about the lack of agreement on developer contributions.

Kate Coughlan, who owns one of the blocks, told the local paper that the group had offered a voluntary contribution of 10% of the land value, which was permitted under State Planning Policy guidelines, but the council had requested a figure that worked out to be over 25% of the land value.

“It means that to develop four 2ha blocks, more than one of the blocks becomes forfeit to the City as a developer contribution,” she said.

The site had been expected to accommodate over 400 residents as well as provide home care services to 100 more people.

A disappointing result, especially when you consider the demand for beds. It’s estimated Perth will need an extra 817 aged care beds by 2021 and 1,575 by 2026 – an extra eight to 15 new facilities.