A piece of the puzzle you can’t afford to get wrong – Clinical Management and Clinical Governance

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The Aged Care Industry continues to go through changes at a frenetic pace. With the pressures of COVID19 and ongoing infection control, the Royal Commission and increased compliance requirements we continue to see “flight of talent” across the Aged Care spectrum. Consumers are distressed and providers are overextended.

The increase in staff turnover can lead to instability and inexperience in management and leadership, particularly at a service level. This in turn affects consumer trust in the Australian Aged Care system and their overall experience. Over time, this will have a significant impact on occupancy levels and financial performance. It’s a piece of the puzzle that you can’t afford to get wrong. 

We see clinical leaders stepping up into roles that may not have been on their immediate career radar. Often, these enthusiastic and willing employees are having to learn on the fly and have not been provided with the foundation and necessary tools to succeed. 

This is not sustainable, resulting in increased risk for the consumer, the newly appointed clinical leader and the Approved Provider. 

Whilst the Single Quality Standards were implemented in July 2019, we continue to see Approved Providers in residential care and home care challenged with the current regulatory environment. 

In response to the dynamic nature of the regulatory environment, Anchor Excellence has developed a ‘Clinical Management and Governance Essentials’ (CMG) course. The course is designed to guide, educate and support Care Managers and Clinical Leaders to understand the key elements that include:

  • Their role and responsibilities.
  • The connection between the clinical and operational management of their service. 
  • How to Improve the outcomes and experiences for consumers.
  • How to enable the provision of safe and quality care in alignment with the ACQSC standards. 

For more information about how Anchor Excellence can support your organisation or to find out more about the ‘Clinical Management and Governance Essentials’ online course please email info@anchorexcellence.com.