A ‘world’ conversation on the future of retirement villages and aged care

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We spent most of September in America and elsewhere investigating the future of retirement villages and aged care. We are talking about 2025 – 60 months away.

Our objective: to bring the best thinking to our LEADERS SUMMIT in March 26 and 27 in Sydney.

It is really exciting. We have met and discussed new solutions with innovators inside and outside of our sectors.

We have come to the conclusion that retirement villages can rapidly evolve into ‘the solution’ across consumer focused seniors accommodation, improved ‘wellness’ and replacing ‘big building’ aged care homes.

One of the best visions we have encountered is presented by Switzerland’s Dr Marcus Leser (pictured), Head of Ageing at CURAVIVA.

He says no more big buildings nursing homes. They won’t be relevant in as little as five. He says, reorganise yourself:

“Split the organisation into a ‘housing and services’ compo­nent and a ‘health care’ com­ponent”.

Retirement villages will be pivotal in this vision.

After diving deep into his analysis and strategies, we are convinced he is right – and we are bringing Dr Leser to the LEADERS SUMMIT to discuss with delegates his vision, which he is implementing now.

And the European Ageing Network, with 10,000 operators as members, is endorsing his strategy as well.

Learn more HERE and get as excited as we are at the LEADERS SUMMIT 26 and 27 March at the Hyatt Regency Sydney.