Active COVID-19 cases among aged care residents and staff continue to rise

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Latest figures from the Federal Government show that the total number of residents and staff with COVID-19 is still increasing despite growing vaccination figures.

At 8am on 22 October, there were 513 active cases (346 residents and 167 staff) of COVID-19 related to aged care across 63 residential aged care facilities.

The three worst-hit aged care homes are:

  • BlueCross Glengowrie in Glenroy, 13km north of Melbourne’s CBD, where there are 44 active resident cases (including 1 death) and 17 active staff cases of COVID-19;
  • Estia Health in South Morang, 21km northeast of Melbourne’s CBD, has 41 active resident cases and 6 active staff cases; and
  • Belvedere Aged Care, in Noble Park, 25km southeast of Melbourne’s CBD, with 36 active resident cases (including 1 death) and 8 staff cases.

Compared the figures to 17 September when there were 45 aged care homes hit with COVID-19, with 239 residents and 93 staff members suffering from the virus.

99.5% of aged care workers (260,832) have now had one dose of COVID-19 vaccine with 95.3% having had a second dose.

There have been 91 deaths of aged care residents since the beginning of the year.