Acute crisis in aged care workforce with beds closed, says ACSA’s interim CEO Paul Sadler

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Paul Sadler, interim CEO of the peak body for Not For Profit aged care providers Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA), says the lack of workers is now an “acute crisis”.

“Resident care services are closing down beds and this is across the sector,” said Mr Sadler, who is in the role until at least next September. “There is no staff to keep the services open.”

He said workforce was the overriding issue his members spoke to him about.

“At the Royal Commission the workforce was said to be a long-term chronic problem, now it is an acute crisis.”

He said newly-graduate Registered Nurses were working at COVID-19 clinics, when they were sorely needed in aged care.

“We welcome the end of the border closures and the hope that migrants will be able to return. We need to know they are suitable for aged care work and we need a lot of them.”

There are 14,028 jobs available for Registered Nurses in Australia, according to SEEK, with 9,968 jobs found for Registered Nurses in aged care. In addition, there are 10,448 job vacancies for aged care workers.