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Aged care marketers and suppliers – what does the StewartBrown Senate submission mean to you?

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It is a fact that if you don’t understand the dynamics behind a marketplace, you can’t develop effective marketing strategies that will deliver concrete results.

Did you know that within 24 months, most residential aged care facilities will operationally go into the red? This will affect staffing, which will impact quality which will generate more negative media coverage.

It will also impact all discretionary spending and the dumbing down of goods and services utilised – if this is what you sell, watch out for declining markets.

Did you know that $34 billion is required in capital over the next two years to build new aged care homes to match ageing population growth? But operators and banks are withdrawing from committing these funds because everybody, looking forward, will be losing money.

So construction, new fixtures and fittings, new marketing etc will likely dry up.

Did you know that 60% of all aged care facilities are older than 20 years and have had no refurbishment in that time? Another $34 billion is required to update them – but where is the capital?

All this is contained in the leading accounting firm StewartBrown’s Senate submission. They have tabled the facts and they are grim.

Every marketer should read the 21 pages. You can download it HERE.